Support raising is about connecting givers and receivers who work together for the extension of God‘s Kingdom. Support is not just money. It is about spiritual provision through prayers and having a strong network behind you that cares about your emotional needs as well.

The following facts might answer some of your questions:

  • You will have a period of time dedicated to support raising before you begin working with us. Developing good partnerships through active communication with your support base is an integral part of your work in TWR.
  • The amount we‘re talking about covers your monthly salary expenses plus additional costs, e.g. insurances, retirement benefits etc. Your salary does not vary with potential changes in your support income.

"Our job is to communicate the needs of TWR‘s ministry as well as share the praises and listener stories with a broad audience. We do the same amongst our personal support network." Alenka and Frank Stephenson, Fund Development and Communications department

  • We will assist you! TWR Europe‘s “CATalyst“ program offers Coaching, Accountability and Training, as well as materials, information and experience.
  • There are plenty of sources where support might come from: friends, family, your home church, youth groups, etc.
  • Those who know you personally are more likely to support your ministry rathern than a general cause where they have no personal contact
  • Support raising is a chance to renew your confidence in God‘s loving care and grow in your faith
  • Living on a support income is biblical as you will discover by reading the following verses and passages: Psalm 24:1, 1 Chronicles 29:14, Luke 8: 1-3, Numbers 18: 3-32, 1 Corinthians 9: 3-11 and Philippians 4: 4-16.